Sunday, August 10, 2008 I am here. I am feeling exceptionally uncreative today, but to my daily calls to mom she usually asks when I will blog again. To that I have to say...where the H is YOUR new blog?! All I've seen is Dad and you taking a lil walk in the park....puhleeeease...I KNOW there is stuff going on where you are! :)

My first week here I had my best sales week ever with 10 sales...then last week I had 2...:( Sales is definitely an emotional's sooo great when you are on the speedy smooth coaster....and sucks when you are on the really crappy coaster at Six Flags San Antonio that basically gives you dislocated discs and whiplash. Basically (I can NOT stop saying this word in my salespitch...someone slap me.) my week last week was a schlitterbahn...which if you been there you know what I mean...a complete disappointment.

Today I was able to make it out to church. It's been 2 weeks I think, and I really missed it. I actually enjoy all talks...the bad and the good. I think it's because with don't really get THAT much of a choice. Usually when you hear people speak in public it's because they are exceptional speakers...they've been asked to motivate...or they are really valedictorian...or they are in leadership positions...but in church...everyone is asked. Dumb, smart, small, tall and in todays case...undecisive. You could tell this guy was soo uncomfortable speaking, and he kept saying things that would probably offend most of for some reason today I saw things from his perspective. I was grateful for that, it really makes church enjoyable...and it's not something I do a lot of...but in those hours at church....kinda like when you go to the temple...your paradigm changes and it seems as if there is no bad in the world. Everyone becomes's a great feeling.

Way to go Kenny on passing the sacrament today...wish I could have been there! I miss everyone so much! xoxox.

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Saturday, July 19, 2008 I secretly commited to working hard. All last night I concentrated on selling, I pictured myself on doors...I thought about what I would say and how it would feel to sell a lot...I made sure I had at least 6 contracts...I was set. I talked to myself in the shower that morning and on the drive out, telling myself over and hard work hard. I think this summer has really made me realize a few things about myself. A. I am an absolute nerd, thanks dad. 2. I am completely self-absorbed. I am always thinking about how I'm doing in school or work or play...planning my life and analyzing it....someone slap me. :) Being on doors is great for sales, but honestly, my favorite part is looking into a snapshot of other peoples lives. I love it. I bought a bike for 13 bucks today at a garage sale. It's Vision yellow. I also jumped into a pool of $500 dollar coins with a fanni pak. PhotobucketWhere did this summer come from? Seriously. I'll post pics as soon as my nerd motivation comes through...I'm sure that won't be long. xo.

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Friday, July 18, 2008
Another day on doors...unfortunately after I silently commited myself to a long hard day of work with absolutely no breaks...I found myself upon a Pizza Hut. It's unfortunate incidences like this that make me a horrible door knocker in the ghetto. I don't usually see common commercial stores...I usually see things like bars called "The Other Woman" (I am not making this up) or "Jose's Place" or "Ramirez Auto Parts" when I happen upon something familiar...or even a sweet swing set, my legs can't help but lead me there! I'm going to recommit tomorrow though, I promise. I took this time at the hut to call a few siblings and friends and get the lowdown on what's been happening in Utah w/out me.

So I decided to knock some doors. Today was an exceptionally rude day. I got a lot of looks from people that read.."aw...look how cute she is trying to sell me an alarm" nothing makes me more prone to mace their lil chihuahuas sittin behind their locked gates...I have yet to do it, but one day I know I'm goin to snap and someones lil pooch WILL fall victim. :)

The one old man I stopped at I ended up taking over their ADT system. This was to date my fastest sale. Literally took about 13 mins. The surprising part was that his secret password was french. Odd. I swear I landed in Mexico not Texas with all the spanish peeps here, but here is one french mexican! I told him my dad lived in France for about 3 years and that perrier has been a staple in my house growing up. He agreed and I'm pretty sure it was this sick love for carbonated water that sealed the deal for me today...I was excited to be able to say...Bonjour, Comment allez vous? Je'mapple Kim avec securite du habite du utah...est-ce que tu travailles? that was all I could pull from my memory of the 3 years of french I took in highschool...I'm pretty sure I just made a bunch of extra credit crepes to pass that class. Typical Kim. :) I'm also pretty sure I ended the conversation in spanish...either way I walked away 13 min. later pulling the ADT sign out of his flower bed and tossin it in the black tahoe that pulled up to whisk me away to my next set of rude doors. At which point I saw a Whataburger in the distance...LOL...

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Here we blog. Today I decided that I really can't go a whole summer knocking doors without telling a few stories...and since mom and dad are probably sick of hearing my days on doors over the Dad choosing waffle over me....:) I figure they can read here. Hopefully dad will pick up this hobby, as I'm sure he will. :)

Today. I bageled. Not going to lie, I did not work hard...but my day ended sweet as I found myself in the third pew of a small christian church. I can't remember the name of it, but it felt good to be there. Outside there is a TON of crime, I hear horrible stories that I wouldn't repeat here in fear mom will end up on a flight to drag my lil butt home. In the few hours I was sitting in that empty chapel with 4 latino christians rockin out to some "lil light of mine" on the sweet casio keyboard...everything seemed to become calm.

I really love religion...all sorts of it. These four saints prayed for me, all holding hands and all of them talked at once. It was interesting to hear the pasteur say the main prayer and then everyone else with their 2 cents of "haleluiahs and oh yes's"...I was tempted to throw in my own "praise the lord" but totally chickened out! LOL...instead I blushed like crazy when they started blessing me in all my work. (As a side note, yes I ran one of them for an alarm...and yes they had a 489 credit score...grrrrrowl)

Everyday something crazy happens, this job is NOT that bad although I seem to find a way to call mom and whine. The truth is I probably just like hearing her be a mom to me, cause this job is cake compared to long hours at the office at Novell or endless hours on the phone scheduling boob jobs for utah valley. Welcome to San Antonio. Adios.

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